EXPERIMENT A: A mini macro, clean, crisp pale ale with low IBU's inspried by a Kolsch recipe and other German varieties. Preserved with Chinook hops at its bare minimum.

BLONDE ALE: Seriously crushable! Light, crisp and refreshing, with a dank hop finish.

DEL MARTIAN AMBER ALE: Brewed with style in mind and a Viewpoint twist, this Amber has a little less sweetness and touch more bitter. Very balanced the whole way through.

SAN DIEGUITO SAISON: Farmhouse style SMASH French Saison. Yeast forward with spicy esters and finished with 7 C's. 

GOLDEN STRONG ALE: Belgian style ale with esters coming from an abbey yeast. This medium body ale has floral overtones to complement the golden raisin sweetness. With just a hint of banana on the finish. (Sometimes on Nitro)

CITRA PALE ALE: Bittered with Chinook and finished with a heavy helping of Citra, with notes of lychee melon and passion fruit.

MANDARINA PALE ALE: Full-bodied pale ale with strong orange and tangerine aroma and mandarin malts on the palette. Dry hopped with Medusa. 

MOE'SAIC PALE ALE: Sticky and tropical. Finished clean and dry while Mosaic lingers on the nose.

DON'T BE A QUITTER PALE ALE: This bitter badass is packed with Millenium, Centennial, and Simcoe hops. The initial sweetness soon dissipates into a crisp bitterness and will leave you salivating for a second sip. If this beer makes you want to run for the hills, please leave your keys with management. 

CHEFEWEIZEN: Chefeweizen is the perfect summer beer. More of an American Wheat than a true Hefeweizen. Being lower in ABV and hops, allows you to sip on the refreshing suds all day long. P.S. try the mussels! 

YEAST BOUND & BROWN: Like the brunette I dated in high school, a little more body and a smoke show. Also available on nitro. 

MIDNIGHT MOE'CHA STOUT: This imperial stout is smooth and bold without the heat (booziness) associated with high gravity beers. Notes of coffee and chocolate make this beer perfect for a rich meal or as a standalone dessert. (Sometimes on Nitro).

WHILE YOU WERE GONE IPA: The beer made while our brewer was on vacation. A bitter, dank IPA with some bright hops aroma. 

PENTITENT MAN IPA: West Coast style IPA a strong pine finish. Dry hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo for a fruity aroma and clean finish.

TEST BATCH IPA: IPA brewed with a bitter start and a strong fruit finish. Brewed with Centennial, Mosaic, and dry hopped with Citra and a touch of Centennial. Hoppy but sweet.

RED RYE IPA: Malt forward hoppy IPA. Sweet with notes of citrus zest and a bold rye finish.

BAMBOOZLED IIPA: Mosaic and Amarillo hops with a hint of papaya on the nose. Drinks like dank IIPA with a grassy finish.