EXPERIMENT A: A mini macro, clean, crisp pale ale with low IBU's inspried by a Kolsch recipe and other German varieties. Preserved with Chinook hops at its bare minimum.

BLONDE ALE: Seriously crushable! Light, crisp and refreshing, with a dank hop finish.

DEL MARTIAN AMBER ALE: Brewed with style in mind and a Viewpoint twist, this Amber has a little less sweetness and touch more bitter. Very balanced the whole way through.

DAS CHEFEWEIZEN: Chef’s Hef is still the perfect summer beer. A traditional style German Hef with strong notes of banana and clove.

YEAST BOUND & BROWN: Like the brunette I dated in high school, a little more body and a smoke show. Also available on nitro. 

BOURBON BARREL AGED DOUBLE ABBEY STOUT: Limited edition. We brewed this Abbey Ale in collaboration with Bier en Karakter, and then aged it for 9 months in George Dickel Bourbon barrels. Balanced notes of vanilla, oak and dark chocolate. Also available in 22 oz. bottles (our first bottled brew!)

GOLDEN STRONG: Belgian style ale with esters coming from an Abbey yeast. This medium body ale has floral overtones to complement the golden raisin sweetness, with a hint of banana on the finish.

FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS PALE ALE: Brewed with Citra and Mosaic all the way through for strong tropical fruit aromatics. This pale ale is light, crisp and hoppy. Delicious and refreshing, you can drink this on the darkest of Sundays.

MOE'SAIC PALE ALE: Sticky and tropical. Finished clean and dry while Mosaic lingers on the nose.

JUST A LITTLE BIT WET HOP PALE ALE: Brewed with Crystal, Nugget, Cascade and a little Chinook for dry hopping. Starts malty and finishes with tropical fruit.

SUPERFECTA WET HOP PALE ALE: There’s a special CTZ from Star B Ranch in thispale ale to give it bright citrus on the nose and papaya on the palate. Four hops hit the Superfecta!

NICKEL FOR A VIEW WET HOP SESSION IPA: Collaboration with Nickel Beer Co. using fresh cascade hops from local Star B Ranch. It’s the only time of year we can brew this style of beer!

KEEP IT AMARILLO WET HOP IPA: Wet Hop IPA brewed with 100% Amarillo from Yakima Valley. Strong notes of stone fruit on the nose with an apricot finish.

BRUT FORCE IPA: A style that originated in San Francisco and is known for it’s “brut” or “dry” characteristics. The dryness allows the Citra and Mosaic to shine!

PENTITENT MAN IPA: West Coast style IPA a strong pine finish. Dry hopped with Simcoe and Amarillo for a fruity aroma and clean finish.

BAMBOOZLED DOUBLE IPA: Mosaic and Amarillo hops with a hint of papaya on the nose. Drinks like dank IIPA with a grassy finish.